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As a hotel room furniture manufacturer, we established in 2001, it produced bespoke furniture for affluent clients. Our primary business was producing furnishings for villas and model apartments for real estate firms. However, we expanded quickly in tandem with China’s rapid real estate growth. Thus, becoming increasingly involved in the hotel, club, and other commercial furniture industries.

Our factory was established in 2005, and its primary purpose is to create furniture for sample houses, villas, and clubs. we’re also working as hotel bedroom set manufacturer, A new plant called a hotel room furniture supplier in China was established in 2007. Therefore, with the primary goal of manufacturing high-end hotel and contract furniture. We, as a hotel room furniture manufacturer, also began operating outside of China in 2007. The Korea office opened its doors this year.

Leading Hotel Room Furniture Manufacturer

You may get our free guide on hotel furniture as a hotel room furniture set supplier. Thus, this includes models, cases, and safety tips, by submitting an inquiry.

Fast Quotation: Get a quick price for the hotel room furniture supplier in China for the items you’ve selected. Send a general inquiry using the inquiry form, and receive a prompt response over WhatsApp or online chat.

Costs at Wholesale: Not low cost, which equates to subpar quality. Thus, we cut middlemen’s expenses, we support trading directly at factory wholesale pricing.

Total Command: We, as a hotel room furniture set supplier, have the skill to maximize your overall cost is strong. However, our clientele spans the globe, with several nations offering door-to-door delivery services.


Which furnishings belong in a hotel room?
A desk or work area with a chair, a wardrobe or closet, a bed (or beds), and bedside tables are usually essential pieces of furniture in a hotel room.
How are furnishings delivered to hotels?
Professional movers or furniture delivery firms typically transport and install furniture for hotels.
What’s the name of the furniture in hotels?
A common term used to describe furniture made especially for hotels is hospitality furniture.

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